IRERE special issue honoring Tom Tietenberg

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From the inbox:

The International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics has published the following new issue. The articles in this issue are freely avaible until 20 February[*]. For other issues or for subscription information, please visit the journal webpage.

Volume 17, Issue 4 – Special Issue Honoring Thomas H. Tietenberg
Kathleen Segerson (2023), “Introduction: Honoring Thomas H. Tietenberg”
Henk Folmer (2023), “Tom Tietenberg’s Merits for the International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics”
Carolyn Fischer (2023), “Legacy of Tom Tietenberg in Research”
Roger G. Noll (2023), “Thomas Tietenberg and the Tradable Permits Innovation”
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey (2023), “Is Teaching Expert Economists a Good Idea?”
Sahan T. M. Dissanayake and Sarah Jacobson (2023), “”An Absolute Giant in the Classroom:” What We Can Learn from Thomas Tietenberg about Teaching”
Lynne Lewis (2023), “A Tribute and Thank You to Tom Tietenberg”


*Note: the website says free until January 20, not February.

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